VWAM was created at the Belvedere Court apartment building in response to the Vancouver housing crisis and as part of the activism against evictions in the Belvedere, which has been home to many artists and musicians over the years. In Spring 2018, residents and friends began meeting twice a month in the Belvedere to create ambient music as a fun and healing community activity, welcoming friends and neighbours. Although VWAM defines itself as a women’s collective, all persons who identify as allies of women are invited to participate. VWAM seeks to remedy the gender imbalance in music by providing an environment where women feel at ease within a male-dominated practice and operates from a belief that everyone is musical, and that musical practice is a vital and essential human experience. VWAM engages a community of active explorers in the science of music, sound and evolving human consciousness.



VWAM Amphibian Star on Bandcamp


VWAM Amphibian Star

(2018 album released by Right Brain Records) https://www.rightbrainrecords.com/vwam

The material for VWAM’s debut release album Amphibian Star flows from a structured improvisational concept motivated by the experience of “colour-hearing”: the aspect of synasthesia in which a person “sees” colours with the ear as part of a total musical experience. To date, VWAM’s live performances have continued the exploration of this concept, considering and combining elements such as drone, tonality and rhythm through sounds generated from a variety of analog and digital boutique synths, laptop and iPad soft synths, combined with VWAM’s ambient video projection. Since the release of Amphibian Star, VWAM’s lineup has expanded to include a classically trained vocalist with the concept of the human body as synthesizer. VWAM’s live performance is a powerful immersive sound driven by slow tempo beats designed to create a listening experience both intense and relaxed, stirring, meditative, and deeply grooving.


Excerpt from Sparklewave – Amphibian Star (Right Brain Records) https://youtu.be/g-09AAD-wqQ

VWAM video sampler

Elevator to Venus https://vimeo.com/308627093VWAM

VWAM live at Vancouver Synthesizer Festival

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